The Regional Specialist Leads in Maths and English (RSLs) are funded by the Education and Training Foundation and provide a support service on the Foundation’s behalf. The RSLs are advocates for sector professionalism and quality improvement and are able to support professional development in maths and English, signposting you to the activities that best suit your needs.

Examples of activity undertaken by RSLs are: taking part in consultations on reforms and the development of new courses/qualifications; delivery of sessions of maths and English support; promotion of Digital Skills Enhancement modules and related tools and making contact with new providers.

For further information about the RSLs visit the ETF’s website.

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The Society for Education and Training is the professional membership organisation for practitioners working in the post-16 education and training system. Members include trainers, teachers, assessors, tutors, support staff, coaches and managers workign across a range of education settings including colleges, independent training providers, adult and community learning, employers/providers, the voluntary sector, justice sector and the armed services. They aim to;

  • To promote the professionalism and status of those working in the post 16 education and training sector; ensuring our members gain wider recognition for their expertise and practice.
  • To engage our members in the active use, creation and dissemination of existing and new research into effective teaching and learning practice.
  • To bring together our members into professional communities of practice through events and community networks, regional, national and online.
  • To provide CPD opportunities which are relevant and impactful, at a reasonable cost.

For further information please contact the project manager, Claire Nicholson-Clinch on
07590 453418 or email