Improving the capacity of the FE and Skills Sector to deliver English and maths remains a high priority and significant challenge. The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) continues to fundScreen Shot 2015-04-04 at 02.39.23 research, professional and resource development. ACER/EECETT remain actively engaged with this work, with an outstanding reputation for the quality of maths and English professional development. From the highly acclaimed ‘Regional Mathematics Centre’ introduced in 2007, through to our recent project work such as Innovation in Study Programmes and Learning Futures, we have supported, trained and developed practitioners across the FE Sector.

Through this work, ACER assembled a highly skilled and experienced team of subject specialists:

  • Bob Read, Regional English Lead, E-Guide (Digital Technology), Advanced Teaching & Learning Coach (ATLC)
  • Rob Shaw, Regional Maths Lead, National PD Lead (GCSE Maths Enhancement Programme, MEP)
  • Claire Callow, ATLC, National GCSE English PD Lead, specialist in behaviour management
  • Joan Ashley, National PD Lead (Maths), NCETM Trainer, Lead Subject Learning Coach
  • Julia Smith, National PD Lead (Maths) with extensive experience developing both English and maths skills

ACER and our national partners successfully bid for continued involvement in both the English and Maths Pipelines (the latest ETF funded development programmes) during 2015-16 and more details will follow shortly about how you can access these opportunities. This CPD will focus largely on GCSE readiness (for teachers and learners) and whilst we acknowledge this is a key area for development, we are keen to ensure thVector illustration of chalk sketched charactersat we support the FE Sector’s wider needs in English and maths. As a result, we offer enhanced and high quality bespoke English and maths support with particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • mentoring/coaching support for English and maths leaders
  • embedding English and maths in vocational contexts (Functional Skills)
  • using digital technology to enhance the design and delivery of learning
  • strategies to support English and maths skills development for SEND

For further information or to discuss your organisational needs please contact or call 01480 409300