A critical part of all management and leadership programmes is to self-reflect and be self-aware.  One of the tools that we regularly use to enable this self-reflection to take place is through Myers-Briggs profiles.  These are personal and confidential between the trainer and the individual.  The profiles are a very valuable tool, which enable learning and development to take place.   In addition, for many people, knowledge of their Myers-Briggs profile can help to increase their confidence and success at work.

The questionnaires are carried out before each programme starts and individuals receive coaching feedback before the first module.  The results are used throughout the duration of the whole management and leadership programme at all levels.  Individuals are asked to undertake new questionnaires every 2 years as they progress throughout their career and to monitor their own personal development.

The questionnaires are carried out online by the individual and the results are analysed by our trainer who is fully qualified and trained in Myers-Briggs analysis.

The results will be fed back to individuals through a group session which explains the theory behind the results and enables individuals to reflect on their own confidential results.  A further one-to-one coaching session is offered to all individuals after the group session when required to help explain their own personal results.  Our experience shows that the group session is a very effective way to feedback for most individuals without one-to-one coaching.  This allows time and budget to be allocated to those individuals who may need more personalised explanations.

It is recommended that Myers-Briggs is carried out for all level of leadership programmes before the course begins.