Middle Managers


The middle manager development programme builds on the modules in the previous programmes but at a higher and more in-depth level and theoretical level.

If managers join the programme as experienced or new managers at the middle management level the underpinning principles will be explored in detail and some additional homework may be necessary depending on the individuals’ prior learning.


Module 1                      Personal effectiveness – in-depth (same as previous levels, plus:) – Coping with pressure situations;  Positivity!

Module 2                      All about teams and departments (same as previous levels, plus:) – Leading by example;  How to communicate with large teams

Module 3                      Managing performance and developing talent (same as previous level, plus:) –  Succession planning;  Getting results from average performers

Module 4                      Coaching and emotional intelligence development – Greater self awareness and affect on others;  Coaching skills development – the “How to” bit;  Improving communication and trust

Module 5                      Negotiation, mediation and resolution – Conflicts resolution;  influencing and persuading to achieve results;  Relationship management

Module 6                      Change management – theories and practice;  The change cycle;  Inspiring and motivating through change;  Working in ambiguity;  Communication techniques for change messages

A bridging module of one day will be offered to build on ‘middle manager’ modules to take the skills levels to a higher level and look at aspects in more depth.


10-12 delegates maximum

The modules should be run with a few weeks in between for delegates to reflect, to complete homework and project work tasks.