Developed with a large number of colleges and supported by the ETF, this high-impact programme has one KPI: increased productivity of managers. The strategy is to:

  • make clear what effective management looks like and how it works and relate this to the starting point of each manager
  • set the “Issue – Intervention – Impact” (“III”) process at the heart of the learning process for the whole programme
  • make sure managers can manage better as a result of the programme
  • report to the senior team on managers: targets achieved and next targets to be achieved


The key process (“III”) through which individual managers agree changes they will make to the way they manage; make the changes; measure the impacts.  The ‘III’ process works by getting managers to:

  • identify the key challenges in successful leadership
  • identify the extent to which each presents an issue (the first ‘I’) for a specific manager
  • focus on developing skills to intervene (second ‘I’) in the most pressing of these for each manager
  • measure the impact (third ‘I’) of this work individually and collectively


Management programme scope:

  1. making a productive manager of you
  2. vision, values, data and people
  3. enhancing performance in teaching, learning and assessment
  4. challenging under-performance and supporting change
  5. changing mind-sets: changing things for the better
  6. you and your progress as a manager

Our expert management development team includes Paul Hull, Julia Pollock, Tracey Thompson, Andrew Thomson.

For further information please contact or call 01480 409300