Aspiring Managers

The Aspiring Managers  programme is targeted at those staff who wish to find out more about being a manager and experience some personal development to help the individual progress.

The programme concentrates on the personal effectiveness and team working skills that are needed in the first levels of management.  It will provide an overview of each topic, but will not focus on any particular area in any great depth as this is covered in the higher-level programmes.


Staff who aspire to be managers in the future.


Day 1               Personal effectiveness –  Personal communication skills;   From colleague to manager;  Assertiveness;  Time management;  Motivating self and others

Day 2               All about teams –  Working with a team;  Running team meetings;  Introduction to coaching principles


20 delegates maximum

The two days should be run with a few weeks in between for delegates to reflect, but not longer, as the learning will be lost.