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Local Response Fund


As part of the ESF Skills Support for the Workplace specification, the Skills Funding Agency made available a Local Response Fund in each LEP area.

ACER in partnership with local colleges has been awarded the LRF projects for the New Anglia and Northamptonshire LEP areas and will be working with the Skills Support for the Workforce lead to provide comprehensive workforce skills support.

The purpose of the LRF funding is to develop and pilot projects in response to emerging skills issues. These innovative solutions will particularly address skills participation, achievement and progression issues with a specific focus on:

ACER, in conjunction with the LEPs, other stakeholders and relevant governance groups, will develop  solutions in response to skills needs/barriers as they arise.   ACER will commission the development, piloting and evaluation of the solutions with a range of delivery providers.  This activity will run from Summer 2013 until October 2015. Information on the latest projects running will be available via updates published on this site.

ACER is looking for potential partners to support the delivery of LRF and would welcome contact from any provider who can meet the following criteria:

SFA funded

Matrix accredited

Grade 2 or above

Partners wishing to raise identified skills gaps that need to be addressed can email us at anytime as this will be a responsive programme and we welcome ideas on where solutions need to be found to meet emerging business needs.  

For more information please email Claire Nicholson-Clinch 

Open tenders

We are currently tendering for the following projects:

New Anglia

  1. NALEP001 Workplace Mentoring to encourage employee retention
  2. NALEP002 Improving functional skills to support staff development

LAST CALL - New Anglia LEP - Finding Solutions to the next round of issues

If you have any suggested solutions for projects to deliver against any of the key issues we need your project outlines by 4 April 2014.  Projects will then be selected to be worked up for submission to the LEP in May with a view to getting to panel in June and projects being contracted in August/September.

Information about the latest developments can be found in our ‘Updates’


New Anglia

Issue 2 January 2014

Issue 2 November 2013

Issue 1 October 2013

Issue 1 October 2013