Our strategic aims are: Value, Collaboration and Impact.

Value: adding value to the work of colleges and their staff in all that we do by:

  • Enabling members to take active roles in the development of the new curriculum
  • Promoting the effective use of IT to achieve better learning
  • Providing a range of professional development services and networking opportunities
  • Providing information, advice and support
  • Supporting members to improve the management of their organisation

Collaboration: to work with and for our member colleges and their staff by:

  • Providing a knowledge exchange for the development of ideas and best practice
  • Representing and promoting member organisations
  • Developing and maintaining contacts with key bodies
  • Providing regional AoC services
  • Providing high quality services shaped by our members

Impact: to make a difference to the success of our member colleges by:

  • Supporting members to improve the quality of their teaching and learning
  • Supporting members to become more efficient
  • Horizon scanning to inform development of member organisations
  • Promoting new ways of working for members
  • Delivering project management services efficiently and effectively
  • Operating as a sustainable, effective and inclusive organisation.