Good governance is essential to the successful running of colleges. Across England, there are approximately 6,000 volunteer governors and 200 professional clerks. Each college has an average of 11 to 25 governors made up of staff, students, independent professionals, members of the community – including employers – and the college principal. Governors sit on the boards (corporations) of colleges and set the mission and strategic direction of a college, and scrutinise its performance. Each college has a clerk whose role it is to support and advise the governing body.

ACER has developed a broad programme of support for College Governors and Clerks in the East of England which is part of and also complementary to, the National AoC Governance Programme.

Full information on the AoC’s Governance support, including all resources and briefing documents are avaialble from the AoC’s website at AoC National Governance Programme